The Rotary Shifter for the 2017 Ford Fusion Creates Opportunity

Creating opportunities, the 2017 Ford Fusion has an innovative feature, the low-profile rotary gear shift dial. Not only is the design smooth, but it creates other possibilities in your vehicle. The interior becomes more spacious and gives you easier access to other amenities. Whether you want to use a USB port or place a drink in one of the cup-holders, it will be readily available and easy to reach. In addition, innovation continues with the Return to Park feature that gets incorporated into the rotary shifter for your 2017 Ford Fusion. This amenity will be able to put your vehicle in park when you turn off the car or if you are rushing and leave the vehicle suddenly. The assistance that this feature provides can make traveling not as stressful.

Although the low-profile rotary gear shift dial in the 2017 Ford Fusion is impressive, there are other features that you can explore as well here at Welsh Motors Inc. in New Springfield, OH, that is sure to impress you. Another thrilling aspect to the rotary shifter is that it comes standard on all of the models! See the sedan in person today and take a test drive!

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