What advantage does SYNC 3 provide the Ford Focus?

Technological advances over the last decade bring advantages to any vehicle when they are available and employed. In the Ford Focus, the automaker has included the SYNC 3 infotainment system. The latest iteration of the SYNC 3 technology suite includes entertainment, as well as essential driver assist programs such as navigation, driver alerts, and smartphone connections.

The touchscreen of the SYNC 3 program allows the driver to select music from SIRIUS radio for their listening pleasure. The touchscreen also displays programmable mapping to ease traveling. The system gains updates on traffic issues and advises on optional routes to save time and fuel. The system is linked to a fuel sensing device that calculates your fuel usage and distance before it is necessary to refuel your Focus. In short, the inclusion of SYNC 3 into the Ford Focus provides essential information as well as entertainment while traveling down the road.

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