Keep Your Gas Tank Topped Off This Winter

To ensure safety and security for your car in the winter, you should keep a full tank of gas. At Welsh Motors Inc., you can expect to be instructed to not leave your tank less than half full. When the temperature drops – and it will in New Springfield, OH – then your tank can be susceptible to losing gas and getting closer to empty.

You should manage to fill your car up routinely, so that you do not forget in the winter. If your car falls to E or empty, then it will not start. Our dealership can help inform you about the bad damages that can occur if your tank is kept at near empty levels all winter long. While the gas tank does fight off the cold, it cannot stop itself from getting freezing lines if there is barely any gas in the tank. Your vehicle should be fueled and started up during the cold months to prevent any damage.

If you want to save money over the duration of your car ownership experience, you can make a habit of topping off your gas tank during the winter months. This small step can save time, reduce your risk of internal car damage, and help you have a more confident adventure.

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