Which Traction-Adding Compound is Best?

Road salt and sand are the primary ways that commercial and government DOT departments maintain the roads during the winter months in New Springfield, OH and beyond. This is because salt melts snow and ice and sand is good for traction, which is also important for road safety.

As beneficial as road salt is to melting snow and ice from roadways and driveways, road salt can have adverse effects on vegetation and nature as well as to cars. Therefore, many people choose to use alternatives when maintaining their own driveways and walkways.

One of the alternatives people like to use is kitty litter. This can be a good alternative if a car is stuck in the snow or ice, but kitty litter is not a good choice for regular maintenance. Because kitty litter absorbs water and gives good traction, it is a perfect short-term use solution that is more animal-safe than salt. The difficulty with using kitty litter on a regular basis is it can become problematic if it oversaturates and freezes. In this case it can cause more difficulties than it helps.

The best solution for maintenance of a driveway or walkway is through the liberal use of sand with sparing use of salt and occasional use of kitty litter. At Welsh Motors Inc., our top priority is your safety. That is why we recommend our customers use mostly sand as a solution for maintenance of a driveway or walkway. Contact our team for winter transit tips!

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